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In honor of National Tell A Storyday 2022

George Kalantzis
3 min readApr 27, 2022


Sometimes you must surrender your
search to see you have everything
you need to set yourself free.- GK

You have an incredible story to tell and live. Though life might make you feel as if you are lost at times, a part of you has called you here to read these words and surrender your search.

Everything you desire in life can be found from within but has not simply come awake. It’s a feeling. A vibration of energy waiting to be seen and heard. But to unlock the deepest parts of yourself, you must give yourself permission to drop out of your head and into your heart.

Alan Watts, a famous philosopher, said that seeking life can be fun, but every search in life imposes you to find something later and postpone what is happening now.

Watts knew life would find ways to play tricks with the mind, and everything in our search for something is an illusion. Chasing the next big thing in life might seem like fun, and attempting to escape from your past might make you feel better, at least temporarily, but you are just running from your true self.

Chapter 2, Verse 48 of the Bhagavad Gita, yoga-sthaḥ kuru karmāṇi reminds us to be steadfast in life and abandon attachment to success or failure. If we try to run from the past, the pain will find its way into our lives every chance it gets. If we choose to chase, we will be unable to avoid the worry that comes with uncertainty in the unknown. But if we can learn to accept life as it unfolds without abandoning ourselves, we can connect with our deepest driving desires.

The center point of all life happens when you establish yourself in the present moment and breathe. The gaps between your inhale and exhale will guide you to a place where you begin to believe in what you cannot yet see. With the power of your breath, you’ll start to feel serenity.

Surrendering may not seem like a practical solution to the challenges in life, but if you wish to find your deepest driving desire, you must discover how to slow down. Surrender your search to be everywhere but here, or at least learn how to need nothing but love and compassion for yourself in the moments that make you want to run.

Take a deep breath. Feel the realness of everything you are. Don’t rush through the process. This is your life, and every chapter of your story leads to something greater unfolding.


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George Kalantzis

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