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George Kalantzis
3 min readJul 10, 2020

No Balls No Babies — Traver Boehm

The Day I made The Choice to Go all In, July 9, 2020

I feel on fire inside. Connected to my mind, body, and heart, I am grounded.

A lot has happened over the last week, and this is a quick recap of what is going on in my life. Friday flow is my therapy, my word blab, my connection to myself and the world. Does anyone even read this? Fuck, that was a negative thought trying to prevent me from speaking my truth.

Let’s try this again…

Here I am writing in an unfamiliar space, a bit off of my daily ritual. I like rituals, they harness the power of creativity and flow into my life. But, I am also learning how to adapt and flow with life. It’s not an easy thing to do, because most of my life I’ve been structured. A hard charger, who has sought out the intensity in every aspect of life, turning off is not easy.

As a Marine, it is who I am, but slowing down these days feels calming.

It felt like yesterday I had no clue where my life was going after my divorce, and here I am today, one year sober, writing a book, and dating again. Yes, I said dating again, and living with an open heart scares the shit out of me.

This week was an intense week. I finished up my first six-week coaching course called Fuck The Rules where I coached seven amazing humans transform their life in all aspects, and it was powerful to watch them grow.

I made the choice to go all-in and step away from coaching in commercial gyms, and that also scares the shit out of me. But I finally had the courage to look myself in the mirror and ask “ why the fuck not? “. After all the hours of driving myself into exhaustion at the expense of others, I finally am taking a stand for myself and never going down that road again. This time, I feel passion and purpose bleeding from the depths of my heart and soul, and it fuels my life.

Today, I believe in everything I do because it aligns with my values and who I am as a man. As my mentor, Traver Boehm says “ No Balls, No Babies”. So when I want something in life, I take the risk knowing that things may not work out. Most people will complain about their lives while doing nothing about it because it is easier to play the blame game. That is how I used to live, and how I see most people live their lives.

Without even realizing it, the solution to our fear of the unknown is often deep within us, and we are too caught up in the notion that something will save us, wondering why we never feel fully satisfied in life. Fuck that shit.

Today, I have found creative expression by trusting the unknown. And I think we can learn a lot about ourselves and other humans by realizing that most of us have no clue what’s going on with life and are winging it too.

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