What Moving On Really Means

We avoid the unknown.

Holding on to the safety of the ordinary world gives us a sense of control.

It’s a story of love. It’s a dream. It’s all of the things we think we need to be in life while we miss out on…

The Man With Many Faces 2015

Ten years ago, I walked over…. wait, a girl walked over to me, and we soon traveled the world together. Today would have been our sixth wedding anniversary. A day where we probably would have had a fancy dinner and some ice-cream while we watched Harry Potter and laughed at…


A night with Calliope the muse ignites a flame of purpose

Photo by Cyrus Crossan on Unsplash

Who have you become? A silent thought at 2:48 AM after another lustful night lying next to a woman who just opened her heart for me while I drowned in a sea of emotional hell.

It’s paradoxical. In my bed is a magnificent goddess, sexy, intelligent, and a ball of…

A Series of Short Stories About My Vision Fast in Death Valley

Part 1/5 — The Departure Into The Unknown

Shoshone, CA- Death Valley

Listen to this via podcast

Out here in the wild west
You will face the test
of life in these magnificent sites
while you met your dark side
and ponder the question
who am I?

The dry air and the serene desert caverns extended into untouched territory as far as…

George Kalantzis

Author/Combat veteran/Coach/Dad. Get My Debut Book Nowhere To Go — https://theartoftoughtransitions.com/the-book-nowhere-t0-go/

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