What Moving On Really Means

We avoid the unknown.

Holding on to the safety of the ordinary world gives us a sense of control.

It’s a story of love. It’s a dream. It’s all of the things we think we need to be in life while we miss out on…

The Man With Many Faces 2015

Ten years ago, I walked over…. wait, a girl walked over to me, and we soon traveled the world together. Today would have been our sixth wedding anniversary. A day where we probably would have had a fancy dinner and some ice-cream while we watched Harry Potter and laughed at…

It’s more than just a blog…I think?

It was the moment I realized life
wasn’t what I thought it to be. Or
what I wanted it to be. Who is
the man in the mirror? If I am
him, then who is he? Is my
mind playing tricks on me?

Sometimes I feel the drive towards a…

George Kalantzis

Author/Combat veteran/Coach/Dad. Get My Debut Book Nowhere To Go — https://theartoftoughtransitions.com/the-book-nowhere-t0-go/

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